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We knew it was a little unusual for a company to endorse a presidential candidate. While we were overwhelmed by the good vibes and well wishes of the vast majority of the Day Owl community when we endorsed Biden and Harris, those of you who didn't agree with us definitely let us know it. To those who were outright nasty, we wish you the very best. You are our brothers and sisters, and we hope you get the chance soon to take a nice long relaxing vacation.  
That Wasn't Protest

Civil disobedience is a tool. In America, we have depended on our citizens to stand-up peacefully in the face of violence to defend their own rights since our founding-suffrage,...

5 Ways You Helped Us Get More Sustainable in 2020

(3 Minute Read)  What a weird year.

It's December, and while we like to think our recycled circular backpack future is so bright we're gonna need shades, the year has been DARK. With that in mind, after more than a few virtual cocktail hours, some online meditation classes, and more (terrible) sourdough baking than we care to mention, we've decided that when the wind blows, we should just raise our sail and ride this MFer out. That's why we are  dedicating a little time here to sharing the moments that kept us going this year.

Day Owl Joins The Mission Brand Alliance with United By Blue, Patagonia Worn Wear, tentree, and Others...YOU Get a Deal.
(2 Minute Read) As a small business struggling to make it in a crazy year, at Day Owl, we all know how hard YOU work for your dollars.  We also know how frustrating it can be to spend them on stuff that doesn't work,  doesn't last, or doesn't give you anything more than a piece of fabric that might make you look good, but ultimately ends up in a landfill, the ocean, or an incinerator. So when you sign up to follow the Alliance, you get access to deals that you save you some cash for voting for with your dollars on brands that are working hard to make it easier for you and better for the planet.
Biff Tannen, Backpacks, and Five Minutes of Gratitude (Happy Thanksgiving)
(3 Minute Read)  I used to think that I would have been much more suited to a different time.  As a millennial raised on Back to the Future and Raiders of the Lost Ark, things seemed to be at once simpler and somehow more delightfully technicolor in 1885 or 1935 than they they were in1990s rural-suburbia Western PA where I grew up. In the old days, it seemed to me, villains were simple and easy to defeat in three acts over an hour and a half on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Like most other white males of my generation, it was also offered up to me directly and indirectly from all directions that I was special, and so I easily fancied myself a quick hero in the mold of Marty McFly or Indiana Jones. That feeling, as it turns out, isn't called heroism. It's called privilege.
(I Don't Know How, But) We Made it To November 4
(3 Minute Read) I suspect many of you breathed a giant sigh of relief this past weekend, finally taking your pads off after what felt like the most consequential election of our lives (so far).  A friend of mine said it best- "Last week was the longest year of my life." Preach.
Small Talk With Henry Kissinger
(3 Minute Read) In 2008, I stood in line to vote in front of Henry Kissinger...former Secretary of State, National Security Advisor, and advisor to Richard Nixon and pretty much every president since, Henry Kissinger. The Great Recession and the potential election of our nation's first black president had already given the day a lot of weight, but I'll be damned if standing in front of a Nobel Prize recipient didn't raise the stakes for me. The man fled Nazi Germany to get to our voting precinct.  I walked from Dunkin' Donuts.
Why Ben Kander of Welly Bottles is the Nicest Founder I've Ever Met
(2 Minute Read) With Welly, we came for how great the water bottle is, but we stayed because of how great the team is.  Ben (the founder) is the type of person that immediately makes you feel like you've known him for 10 years. He feels like the kind of guy that invites strangers to Thanksgiving or fosters two-legged dogs.  Just a great guy.