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Day Owl, The Lanyard Project, Mental Health, and The JED Foundation
(4 Minute Read)  This week, we're releasing a very small batch of handmade beaded lanyards that today will help to keep you from losing your mask, and post-COVID  will help to keep you from losing your sunglasses.  You should buy them, they're great. Also, they were made by my mom and my Aunt Janet. All of the proceeds from the Lanyard Project are going to the JED Foundation, which helps protect and promote the emotional and mental health of teens and young adults. 


The Lanyard Project was Danny and James's idea.

5 Ways You Helped Us Get More Sustainable in 2020

(3 Minute Read)  What a weird year.

It's December, and while we like to think our recycled circular backpack future is so bright we're gonna need shades, the year has been DARK. With that in mind, after more than a few virtual cocktail hours, some online meditation classes, and more (terrible) sourdough baking than we care to mention, we've decided that when the wind blows, we should just raise our sail and ride this MFer out. That's why we are  dedicating a little time here to sharing the moments that kept us going this year.

Day Owl Joins The Mission Brand Alliance with United By Blue, Patagonia Worn Wear, tentree, and Others...YOU Get a Deal.
(2 Minute Read) As a small business struggling to make it in a crazy year, at Day Owl, we all know how hard YOU work for your dollars.  We also know how frustrating it can be to spend them on stuff that doesn't work,  doesn't last, or doesn't give you anything more than a piece of fabric that might make you look good, but ultimately ends up in a landfill, the ocean, or an incinerator. So when you sign up to follow the Alliance, you get access to deals that you save you some cash for voting for with your dollars on brands that are working hard to make it easier for you and better for the planet.
Day Owl's Mission-Driven Gift Guide Is Here!
(5 Minute Read) With the holiday season just around the corner and family celebrations happening over Zoom, now more than ever we are eager to find the perfect gift for our loved ones. Gift giving can be overwhelming, not to mention a shameless ploy for overconsumption, so beyond the Day Owl backpack, we’re here to help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones while also having a positive impact.
Black Friday Is Terrible, Why We're Moving to a Circular Economy, and How Philadelphia is Responsible For It All
(3 Minute Read) The town that once threw batteries at Santa Claus also invented Black Friday.
Why Ben Kander of Welly Bottles is the Nicest Founder I've Ever Met
(2 Minute Read) With Welly, we came for how great the water bottle is, but we stayed because of how great the team is.  Ben (the founder) is the type of person that immediately makes you feel like you've known him for 10 years. He feels like the kind of guy that invites strangers to Thanksgiving or fosters two-legged dogs.  Just a great guy. 
Why We Found the Best Sustainable Essentials Brands and Partnered With Them
(3 Minute Read) We had a big debate when we started Day Owl about whether the world needed more “stuff” (we may have used a stronger word than stuff).  Regardless of how great they say they are, most big apparel and accessories brands are terrible at making stuff...