Day Owl Joins The Mission Brand Alliance with United By Blue, Patagonia Worn Wear, tentree, and Others...YOU Get a Deal.

Today at Day Owl, we're very proud to announce that we're banding together with almost 20 other mission-driven brands this holiday season and joining the Mission Brand Alliance, a collective of brands working (with your help) to make clothing and accessories more equitable for planet and people. As a small business struggling to make it in a crazy year, at Day Owl, we all know how hard you work for your dollars. We also know how frustrating it can be to spend them on stuff that doesn't work, doesn't last, or doesn't give you anything more than a piece of fabric that might make you look good, but ultimately ends up in a landfill, the ocean, or an incinerator. So when you [sign up to follow the Alliance](, you get access to deals that save you some cash for voting with your dollars on brands that are working hard to make it easier for you and better for the planet. We also realize how difficult it is to actually a) find brands that are doing good stuff for environmental and social justice in the course of daily shopping and b) trust that what they say is what they do. So our friends at United by Blue put all the brands together in a (climate neutral certified) catalog that is hitting people's doors all over the country today. Each brand is listed with a description of their standards and activism across 12 metrics: environmental action, fair trade/fair labor practices, inclusive sizing, life cycle loop, plastic free options/plastic upcycle, responsible manufacturing, sustainable product materials, sustainable shipping practices, 1% For The Planet, Certified B-Corp, Climate Neutral Certified, and The Conservation Alliance. A digital version of the catalog is [here]( with great descriptions of each brand. We opened the page to Day Owl for you:). Despite all of us working for you to send business to all of us instead of brands that DON'T care or worse, care but are too scared to do anything about it (of which there are FAR too many) We think that environmental and social consciousness is pre-competitive and in 2020, if you're not considering people and planet in real ways, you're a dinosaur already. That's why we decided to do this. We're pumped to be joining brands we admire this holiday season to offer you all a better choice when it comes to shopping responsibly. Not only do we like what these brands stand for, we love how the vibe of all the brands in the alliance goes great with Day Owl's recycled backpack. It's all stuff we already buy, so we hope you have a look too. AND you get a deal for giving a damn. Thanks for being great, and have an awesome week. Ian and the Day Owl Team P.S. The Mission Brand Alliance: Day Owl, Janji, Parks Project, SOKO, Fair Harbor, MiiR, Toad&Co, Keep Nature Wild, Nomad Goods, Jetty, Sunski. United By Blue, Forsake, La Colombe, Rumpl, Faherty, Patagonia Worn Wear, tentree, Bathing Culture, Peak Design, Climate Neutral, Wondery, Saola Shoes, Altar'd State, Brave Soles, Haptic Lab, Kammok, and Good And Well Supply Co. MBA Gift Guide [here](
Ian Rosenberger