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We had a big debate when we started Day Owl about whether the world needed more “stuff” (we may have used a stronger word than stuff).  Regardless of how great they say they are, most big apparel and accessories brands are terrible at making stuff. They make too much of it and they do it poorly because they know you’ll buy it anyway (believe us, most of our team came from these brands to Day Owl). They make stuff that breaks quickly so that instead of repairing it, it’s easier for you to drop it at the thrift store or just toss it, where it eventually ends up in landfills or in pieces in the ocean. The whole situation is pretty sh..stuffy. So we decided back then that we’d only design and manufacture new products when we thought we could create something better. That meant making things the right way, even when it was a little more expensive or a little more of a hassle. Candidly, this is pretty easy with everyday carry bags.  Most backpacks just aren’t made to be beautiful, useful, and durable at a sub $200 price point, and they especially aren’t made to be recycled and sold again and again and again. The bar is LOW.  So we're raising it.

When it comes to what goes in the backpack though, it gets more complicated.  There are so many incredible brands out there creating amazing daily essentials.  They make water bottles that contribute to wells in places that need clean water. They make notebooks that are recycled and recyclable. They make sunglasses out of plastic from the Flint water crisis for Pete’s sake. Candidly, whey make products we wish we’d thought of. There's almost TOO much to choose from out there, so sometimes hard to know who to pick.  It’s 2020, and you’re clearly busy just trying to live, so we did some of the heavy lifting for you.

That’s why today we’re so proud to announce Pocket Partners. We researched the best designed, most sustainable essentials out there, and we curated a collection for you that fits nicely in our backpack. If you’ve already bought a bag and want to treat yourself, now you can pack it with very cool products that we think you'll love. If you’re looking for great sustainable gifts, one stop shopping! The point is, rather than compete with these founders and their small businesses, we banded together to help each other out.  We think it’s better business. It’s certainly way more fun. 

So welcome to the nest, Genusee, Welly Bottles, and Scout Books!  We’ll be profiling Ali, Ben, and Laura (the founders) over the next month or so, so come back soon. Until then, enjoy. This is for you.

Thanks for helping us raise the bar again,


PS-If you work for or love a sustainable brand that fits great in your backpack, email us.  We’d love to chat about you (or them) joining us as a Pocket Partner.

Ian Rosenberger