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In today's post-COVID world, where commuting is once again a daily routine for many, safeguarding your technological companions is paramount. From unpredictable weather conditions to the hustle and bustle of crowded public transportation, your devices need a reliable guardian. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into essential tips for securing your tech while commuting, with a special focus on Day Owl bags (we're obviously biased). We designed them as waterproof commuter backpacks, so we might as well talk about them that way

1. Choose a Tech-Friendly Travel Backpack:

The cornerstone of protecting your gadgets starts with investing in a backpack designed with tech protection in mind. We we designed the very first Day Owl, we were bouncing from coffee shop to co-working space trying to figure out how to start a company. We know what it's like to need to be able to keep your tech safe and sound, so we engineer our bags accordingly

a. Laptop Compartment: At the forefront of its design, the Day Owl Pro and Slim Pro backpacks boasts a dedicated laptop compartment you can access from the back of the bag. This compartment provides a snug and secure space for your device, complete with a padded sleeve and a "bump" pad at the bottom, of the sleeve in case you set it down a little too hard. Rest easy knowing that your laptop is shielded from the bumps and jostles of your daily commute.

an exterior shot of Day Owl's Pro line tech travel backpack with external laptop sleeve

That Day Owl Pro and Slim Pro Backpacks are tech travel backpacks have an external padded laptop sleeve, perfect to keep you productive on the road. The best part? They store your gear without looking like gear.

b. Water-Resistant Material: Crafted with a water-resistant waxed canvas exterior, the Day Owl backpack acts as a fortress against unexpected rain showers or spills. The waterproof wax layer serves as a robust barrier, ensuring that moisture stays far away from your valuable devices. The waxed canvas is also recycled, and the wax (along with not being a product that gets regularly washed), keeps microfibers to a minimum.

c. Cushioned Interior: Step inside, and you'll find the interior of the Day Owl backpack lined with a soft, cushioned, recycled material. This plush lining adds an extra layer of protection, absorbing shocks and preventing potential scratches during your commute. Some of our foam is made from lake algae (yes lake algae) instead of polyethylene, and other foam is made of post-industrial recycled material that would have otherwise been headed to landfills.  

a shot of the inside of a Day Owl Pro line backpack and its recycled interior lining

That Day Owl Pro and Slim Pro Backpacks internal org is simple, clean, and recycled

d. Multiple Compartments: Tech enthusiasts will appreciate the thoughtfully designed multiple compartments and pockets within the Day Owl backpack. Each space is dedicated to specific tech items, minimizing the risk of gadgets rubbing against each other and thereby reducing the chance of scratches and dings.

2. Utilize the Pouch:

The Day Owl backpack's cute little nephew is the Pouch, and its the perfect tech sidekick. It keeps your cords cozy and holds little gear without looking like gear.  When thrown into a DayPack, it enhances organization, but also adds an extra layer of protection for your tech essentials. Here's how to make the most of this ingenious feature:

a. Cable Management: Take advantage of the pouch to keep charging cables, headphones, and other accessories in check. This not only ensures easy access but also prevents the nightmare of tangled cables or damaged accessories.

b. Quick Access: For those tech items you need on the go, use the pouch for easy access. Whether it's your smartphone or wireless earbuds, the pouch's external accessibility allows you to grab what you need without rummaging through the entire backpack.

The Pouch: business on the on the inside.

3. Organize Strategically:

Efficient organization within your backpack is key to reducing the risk of accidental damage to your tech. Here's how to strategically organize your gadgets:

a. Stack Vertically: Within the laptop compartment, place larger devices at the back and smaller ones toward the front (towards the outside of the bag). This stacking minimizes pressure on the screens/

b. Use Sleeves and Cases: Consider investing in sleeves or cases for individual devices within the backpack. This additional layer of protection helps absorb shocks and prevents scratches, especially when multiple gadgets share the same compartment. Besides the Pouch, which pluses up on the style side, we'd happily recommend a range of internal org pouches 

The Pouch: perfect for securing the smaller tech items in your mobile office.

c. Secure Loose Items: Small tech accessories such as USB drives, memory cards, or adapters are notorious for getting lost. We recommend the sunglass pocket at the top of the Day Owl Pro and Pro Slim models Use the smaller pockets within the backpack or the pouch to secure these items, ensuring they remain easily accessible.

4. Regularly Check and Maintain:

In the quest for long-lasting tech protection, regular checks and maintenance play a crucial role. Here are some practices to keep your Day Owl backpack and tech gear in optimal condition:

a. Inspect Zippers and Straps: Perform regular checks on the zippers and straps of your Day Owl backpack. We use YKK with recycled zipper tape. Ensure that zippers move smoothly and that straps are securely attached. A well-maintained backpack ensures the overall protection of your valuable tech.

b. Clean the Exterior: Give the exterior of your backpack a wipe-down, especially if it has been exposed to rain or spills.  If you've got stains, we recommend spot cleaning with a gentle detergent like Woollite  Keeping the exterior clean not only enhances the water-resistant properties of the backpack but also prolongs its overall lifespan.

c. Update Protective Measures: As technology evolves, so should your protective measures. If you upgrade to a larger laptop or acquire a new gadget, ensure that it comfortably fits within your Day Owl backpack. Adapting to these changes ensures that your tech remains snug and secure.  

In conclusion, safeguarding your tech during your daily commute is a multifaceted task, and Day Owl backpacks are a stellar companion in this endeavor. By choosing a backpack with tech-friendly features, utilizing the additional pouch for organization, strategically organizing your gadgets, and maintaining your gear, you can confidently navigate the challenges of commuting while ensuring your devices stay protected and ready for action. With the Day Owl backpack, tech-savvy commuting becomes not just a necessity but a seamless and secure experience.

Ian Rosenberger