Hey There, Day Owl

We're growing our collective community of those who make the most of their days. Learn about it below and apply to join the Day Owl Collective.

What We're About

Our mission is to help others make the most of every day, in the best way. Honestly that looks different for everyone and can change depending on the day. That's why we make super useful bags that help you get after it, whatever it is. Our collective is a diverse group of Day Owls from all over who embody our mission and live out full days, all while inspiring others to do the same.
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What's a Day Owl?

If you’re reading this, probably you. But here are some of the qualities we value in the Day Owl community:
Make the most of every day and help the people around us to do the same. True to ourselves, not trends. Passionate about social and environmental justice. Interested in the work of Day Owl and the First Mile, excited to spread the word.
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We exist to help people make the most of their days

The Perks

Community building with other Day Owls to share tips for sustainable living and making the most of each day. Seasonal Summit with the Day Owl team to learn about upcoming products and impact initiatives. Earn money when you share Day Owl with your community. Opportunities for access to new product and to become a weartester for future Day Owl product. Have your voice heard, help inform the future of the brand directly with the team building Day Owl.
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