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Fit & Sizing

Which size bag will hold my laptop?

The smaller backpack is perfect for a 13” Macbook or 14” PC. The larger backpack comfortably fits a 15” Macbook or 15.6” PC. Free returns and exchanges takes the worry out of guessing so feel free to give either size a try. Still can’t decide? Check out the size guide for more details.

What’s the difference between the smaller and larger?

Both bags are the same width and depth. The large bag is 2 inches taller to hold a larger laptop and a few extra items. Both bags have the same sneaky pockets and features. Check out the size guide for more details.

Product Care

How do I clean my backpack?

A friend of ours said that Day Owl bags break in like a great pair of boots. You’re going to notice that as you use it the bag will develop a worn-in look that is unique to where you’re going and what you’re up to. This is natural (and it looks GREAT). But if it needs to be cleaned, we don’t recommend putting it in the washer, just like we wouldn’t recommend putting that great pair of boots in the washer. However, periodically opening it up, emptying everything out of the inside and taking a stiff brush to the exterior and a little leather conditioner to the handle (anything you use on leather shoes or boots should be fine) never hurt anybody.

What happens if the First Mile canvas gets a stain?

According to Brenda Joy, who cleans all Day Owl bags that need a little TLC, if your bag gets a stain while you’re out there kicking ass, just spot clean it with a little detergent and warm water. Air dry. Also according to Brenda Joy, turn on a little Whitney Houston while you do it and put a smile on your face.

What happens if the leather handle gets a stain?

The same process as above, just use cold water instead of warm.

What happens if I spill wine, coffee, breast milk, or (insert liquid here) in the neoprene chimney pocket?

Fear not! We’ve spilled all of the above in the chimney pocket. The beauty of this pocket is that the liquid in question pools up in the bottom of the pocket and usually won’t make its way into the main compartment, so your change of clothes/lunch/notebook/boxing gloves/pet iguana will be spared*

We open the chimney and stuff a clean washcloth or dish towel into the pocket to soak up the liquid. Then we turn the pocket inside out and scrub it with a little detergent and water. Just air-dry it in a warm dry place (make sure it’s completely dry), then zip it up and you’re good to go.

What happens if a zipper pull breaks?

This is a call for a repair. Just live to chat us Monday-Friday from 9-5 EST or email us at help@dayowl.com and we’ll get you set up.

What happens if my dog eats it?

That’s ok, that’s happened to us too. Remember: free repairs for life! Send it back to us and we’ll stitch it up. We’re excellent bag surgeons, but if there happen to be scars on the bag, we’re happy to provide excellent stories so you can impress your friends. Email help@dayowl.com to get started.

Materials & Manufacturing

How does a plastic bottle become fabric?

After the plastic bottles reach the recycling facility, the bottles are ground up to make plastic flakes. Recycled plastic flake is then extruded into fine strands, then texturized into a soft fiber that rivals other organic materials. Innovation in these steps allows recycled content like First Mile to take the place of traditional materials, without compromising feel or flex. First Mile recycled yarn can be woven or knit to create unique fabrics and textures like the waxed canvas in the Day Owl backpack.

What is First Mile material?

First Mile™ supports communities in need by facilitating the collection of plastic bottles to support entrepreneurs and prevent waste from reaching landfills and oceans. Each bottle is sorted, cleaned, shredded, turned into yarn, then knit or woven into fabric to ultimately become apparel, footwear, and accessories for brands around the world. First Mile has saved over 96 Million plastic bottles and directed over $3.2 Million into communities in Haiti, Honduras, and Taiwan. Learn more at firstmilemade.com.

What's up with this number on the side of my bag?

That's the bag’s production number. It is unique to your bag and to you. Each time we release a new product, we'll start again at zero. We've got all sorts of cool stuff planned for your numbers, so stay tuned.

How much can my bag hold?

It’ll hold what you can cram into it, but be kind to yourself! You don’t want to slip a disk. It was designed to hold the 8-10 items you use every single day and our First Mile canvas is tested to 402.25 lbs before it fails (definitely don’t try this at home).

Are your backpacks vegan?

No, and we did it on purpose. For us, rule number one of sustainability is durability. If there is one thing we want our bags to do for you, it's last. Like LAST last. The fabric was originally designed to be made into work boots, so it's really strong. We figure if you can use it for twice as long as other bags you've had, that's WAY fewer bags in the market. Also, selfishly, we're incentivized to be able to sell the bags again after you're done with yours, so if it's all worn out, we can't sell it again.

Leather LASTS. Vegan leather is less durable, and it's usually made out of some sort of nastier plastic, like PVC. So we went for really high-quality sustainable leather because we think that there are more environmental savings in you using fewer bags than in creating something that seemed sustainable, but actually wasn't.

That said, if you are a vegan leather scientist or know anybody that's making leather-like material or you have an idea for a natural alternative, just email us at help@dayowl.com. We'd love to chat about it. In the meantime, we only use responsible leather on the market that is Leather Working Group Certified. Be sure to sign up for our product updates to stay up to date with our progress.

Orders & Delivery


Can I expedite my order?

Of course! Just select expedited shipping at checkout to get your order in 2 business days. Please note we currently only fulfill orders on business days. Expedited orders must be placed by 1:00 PM EST to guarantee delivery within 2 business days.

Do you ship internationally?

For sure! We’re very happy to ship Day Owl products anywhere (we see you Greenland). Heads up that any shipping, duties and taxes won’t be free. Your tracking number will take a few days to show movement but we promise it is en route. If you have any issues, please email help@dayowl.com.

Where can I find my order status and tracking information?

As soon as your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email with your tracking number. If you create an account, you can also log in to check on the status of your order. If you are having trouble tracking your order, chat us or send an email to help@dayowl.com and we’ll help you track it down.

Can I change my order?

We try to fulfill orders as quickly as we can but if you need to adjust your order, email help@dayowl.com or chat us and we’ll try to catch your order before it flies your way. If we can’t catch it in time, we’ll take care of you once your order arrives with free returns and exchanges. Just make sure you keep the box to send your order back in!

Gift Cards

How do I order a gift card?

Click here to order a gift card. We offer E-Gift cards which you can send directly to their inbox or physical gift cards. Sending a physical gift card to your best friend? Just enter their shipping info at checkout and we’ll send it straight there.

How do I use my gift card?

To redeem your gift card, just enter your unique 16 digit gift card code at checkout in the “apply a promo code” field. The code will be from your gift card email or printed on your physical card.

Do I have to use my gift card all at once?

Nope! Use what you want and save the balance for later. Just keep your unique code. If you lose your code, email us help@dayowl.com.

Returns & Exchanges


What is your return policy?

We offer free US returns within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked. You will receive a full refund in the original form of payment once your return is processed. Looking for a different size or color? Click here for returns and exchanges. Once we approve your return or exchange request, you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label to print and place on top of the original shipping label, reseal the box using the extra adhesive strip and leave it at the nearest UPS drop off.

How do I make a return?

Click here to start a return or exchange. You can also log into your account and select the order you want to return or exchange. You will receive a prepaid shipping label which you can place over the original shipping label so you can reuse the original box. Just remove the extra adhesive strip, close it up and leave it at the nearest UPS drop off.

Do you have a warranty policy?

Life happens, we get it. That’s why we offer free repairs for life. In case your bag gets caught in a car door or chewed by a dog (happened), send it in and we’ll stitch it up good as new - only better, because scars are sexy. If your bag is beyond repair, send it back and we’ll recycle it and give you 25% off a new bag. Email help@dayowl.com to get started.


How do I make an exchange?

Need a different size or color? Click here to start an exchange. Tell us which item you want instead and we’ll get it shipped out to you as soon as we receive your return. Note: the box your bag came in is designed to be sent back to us with no additional tape or packaging used.

Can I exchange a gift?

Absolutely! Just email help@dayowl.com with your order number and purchaser’s name if you have it. You can find your order number on the packing list that comes in the box your bag came in.


When can I expect my refund?

As soon as we receive your return, we will process your refund in your original form of payment. If you haven’t received a refund yet, email help@dayowl.com.



Ummmm...recycled plastic? What about microfibers? Didn’t I hear those kill fish?

Microfibers are pretty bad for the environment. They usually make their way into waterways from the tumble your clothes take in the washer. While you’re free to do whatever you like with your Day Owl bag, we advise against putting it in the washer. Besides, it doesn’t need it! (See Product Care for how to clean your bag)

How many bottles go into this thing?

25 Bottles are diverted from our First Mile supply chains for each bags. 700 gallons of water are saved, compared to comparably sized cotton bag (~2 tote bags) 1.2 lbs pesticides & fertilizer avoided, compared to those totes.


What am I supposed to do with this packaging when I’m done with it?

First, it’s just a great box, isn’t it? We love the Wizard of Oz thing going on between the outside black and white and the inside color..but we digress. You’ll note that save a little tape on the shipping label from the carrier (which we can’t control) there is no plastic in the packaging. That’s on purpose. In terms of what to do with that glorious looking box, put stuff in it! Old ticket stubs, polaroids, whatever. You can make yourself a little hope chest. If that’s not your thing, I’m sure you’ll come up with something. If you don’t, it’s recyclable just please recycle it.

Our History

How do I know your sustainability stories are for real?

Great question. We started in Haiti after the earthquake there in 2010, just helping people pick up plastic bottles to earn extra cash and turning that material into all sorts of things like shoes, laptops, and even the odd art project. We realized that there were millions of these folks who picked up trash for a living all over the world and despite them being the last line of defense that keeps plastic out of the ocean for the big companies that make it, more often than not, people don't work very hard to help make their lives better. So we became a supply chain company and dedicated ourselves to getting this waste off the ground and putting people to work in good jobs. We still do that work...you can follow @FirstMileImpact.

The problem was, it wasn't going fast enough. It turns out changing an entire industry was harder than we thought! Companies are SLOW to act more like Patagonia and less like (insert any oil company and most apparel brands here), so we started thinking about how we might make great stuff as well as help supply it to other great companies.

Frankly, it took a lot of debates over beers and coffee to get to a place where we felt like introducing more products into the world felt like a good idea. But we ultimately decided that if we expect companies to move more quickly to find solutions to the environmental crisis, then we had to get in the game and start showing people how we thought it should be done. So here we are, and here is what we promise:

  • we can ALWAYS get better
  • we won't say it unless we can back it up
  • even though we're not perfect, we're always going to work hard to be perfect
  • If you ever want to come and see for yourself, you are invited to any part of the supply chain. We understand that most people won't or can't which is why we'll work hard to bring their stories to you, but the offer stands anyway.

All we ask of you in return. Don't hate online in a glorious fit of righteous rage. There's ENOUGH of that out there these days. Just reach out to us. I promise you we are all ears ( Do owls have ears?)


Communicating with Us

How can I reach out to you?

Email us anytime, day or night, at help@dayowl.com. We also have a live chat function on the site here. That's live Monday-Friday 9-5 EST.


Are you hiring?

Yes. Always. We're looking for BAMFs that are ready to work hard and help Day Owls everywhere feel ready. Apply here.

Is it true that you have a painting of a cat that in the style of "The Mona Lisa" hanging on the wall of your office?

Please, have some respect. Her name is Mona Peaches.