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The Better Way to Carry Your Day

Lined with water-repellent neoprene, it’s big enough for a wine bottle and strong enough for a wet umbrella.

A separate zippered pocket made to cushion your laptop, or any other precious rectangle.

Great for your wallet, pens, and stylus, or your reusable straw and cutlery kit.

Perfect for glasses, lip balm, or that peach you don’t want to bruise.

Looks and feels like cotton, but with superior durability and resistance to water and stains.

Cushy and ergonomic hiking-inspired straps, with zero dangling or tangling.

More than a day trip? Slip it onto your roller bag, and cruise through the terminal.

Spare your shoulders and walk into a meeting or date like a damn adult.  

the backpack

fits your whole day

13” mac | 14” PC


fits your whole day & a little more

15" mac | 15.6" PC | an extra pair of shoes

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