Grab a Bag and Solve the Riddle.

Here is an off-the-Wal lark The end of winter grey and the dark To use feet and “Hand- -ford”, flatiron, or sand Treasure awaits those who’ll embark Rock out and leave ye the nest Start with Fievel and head west Follow branch to big river  And then you’ll discover The state of the treasure (at rest) Once you know where to go Wrestle(r) with what you can’t know Happy Valley’s the spot Sunderland taught Hanover is start of the rainbow The treasure will not be in chest or Pearl(s) (cause cash is the best) Need not get to the wild Easy even for child We promise this isn’t in jest. To all of you mummies and daddies And all of you lasses and laddies Winter’s Forlorners Springs just round the corner There’s  gold at the end for St. Paddy’s