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(I Don't Know How, But) We Made it To November 4
(3 Minute Read) I suspect many of you breathed a giant sigh of relief this past weekend, finally taking your pads off after what felt like the most consequential election of our lives (so far).  A friend of mine said it best- "Last week was the longest year of my life." Preach.
Small Talk With Henry Kissinger
(3 Minute Read) In 2008, I stood in line to vote in front of Henry Kissinger...former Secretary of State, National Security Advisor, and advisor to Richard Nixon and pretty much every president since, Henry Kissinger. The Great Recession and the potential election of our nation's first black president had already given the day a lot of weight, but I'll be damned if standing in front of a Nobel Prize recipient didn't raise the stakes for me. The man fled Nazi Germany to get to our voting precinct.  I walked from Dunkin' Donuts.
Why Ben Kander of Welly Bottles is the Nicest Founder I've Ever Met
(2 Minute Read) With Welly, we came for how great the water bottle is, but we stayed because of how great the team is.  Ben (the founder) is the type of person that immediately makes you feel like you've known him for 10 years. He feels like the kind of guy that invites strangers to Thanksgiving or fosters two-legged dogs.  Just a great guy. 
Why We're Voting For Joe Biden
(2 Minute Read) We're connected. All of us. We can't help it. That a virus spread so quickly between us is a reminder that we cannot escape one other, even though sometimes this year we've probably wanted to...
Why We Found the Best Sustainable Essentials Brands and Partnered With Them
(3 Minute Read) We had a big debate when we started Day Owl about whether the world needed more “stuff” (we may have used a stronger word than stuff).  Regardless of how great they say they are, most big apparel and accessories brands are terrible at making stuff...