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get after it, every day - Day Owl

get after it, every day

Whether you’re from Pittsburgh or Port-au-Prince, everyone has the power to do incredible things. And we’re not just saying that to be mushy.

That’s why we created a backpack that lets you carry everything you need to go after everything you want—without ever looking like an eager middle schooler.

Made with sturdy First MileTM waxed canvas, LWG certified genuine leather, and water repellant neoprene (plus free repairs for life), it’s designed to last forever, so you can get up to whatever.

people-first sustainability

Since 2011, we’ve been supporting quality jobs in the poorest parts of Haiti, Honduras, and Taiwan through First MileTM: a people-first supply chain committed to traceable sourcing and fair working conditions.

Locals make a living collecting and recycling plastic bottles, which then get transformed into innovative fabrics that are on the cutting edge of responsible retail.

When it comes to manufacturing our products, we only work with partners who are committed to improving their own environmental sustainability and making the retail industry a safe, fair place to work.

These practices are still far from what’s standard in retail. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to do more good, and ultimately challenge the rest of the industry to follow our lead.

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a plastic - Day Owl

a plastic
bottle’s full

Every bag we make is made out of post-consumer recycled bottles that are destined to end up in a landfill or the ocean. Using these bottles, we created a first-of-its-kind waxed canvas that’s more durable, weather-resistant, and sustainable than traditional cotton. Here's how it stacks up against your current cotton or virgin polyester backpack (which is made directly from a barrel of oil).

for each bag made:


Bottles saved from landfills and ocean

700 gallons

water saved, compared to comparably sized cotton bag

1.2 lbs

pesticides & fertilizer avoided, compared to cotton

we’re committed to
creating positive impact,
globally and locally

As a B Corporation, Day Owl meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance. In addition to supporting dignified jobs around the world, we’re also creating meaningful opportunities right here at home. Based in Pittsburgh, we employ members of our community to help with product design, prototyping, repairs, and more - giving them the tools they need to build sustainable careers.


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